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“Pwnd” – What the Heck Is That? The etymology of the word ‘pwned’ is not entirely known. There are many speculations about its origin and no one seems to agree on its pronunciation either. The only thing I can find that makes sense is this definition at Wiktionary: “own, possibly born out  of a typographical Read more

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Thanks to Ashampoo’s ongoing generosity we have 10 one-year licenses for Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 to giveaway to our subscribers… competition ends 6th October A one-year license for this brand new, recently released anti-virus software from Ashampoo would normally sell for $39.99us but you now have chance to win a license absolutely free simply by submitting Read more


  Windows Basics Although this post is primarily aimed at Windows computer users, it will hopefully provide good advice for any computer owner. Over time it is inevitable that computers get dirty. Not only in the physical sense, but in an electronic way as well. This “dirt” eventually slows down the machine and can even cause system Read more

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It seems that hardly a day, or certainly a week, goes by without some website being hacked and member information being stolen. Some companies (Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox to name a few) offer two-step verification to make it more difficult to hack into your account. Apple announced on March 21st that it will offer this extra Read more


iPhoneDevSDK is a compromised site and should be avoided! In a report on All Things D, Mike Isaac reveals that a “compromised website” used by iPhone developers is likely responsible for the hacking of some mega sites like Apple and Facebook: In the spate of large companies hacked in recent weeks, it seems that many of them Read more

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Quick! Go check your to see if your Facebook dashboard looks like the one on the left or the one on the right. If you have the new new “lock and lines” icon next to the “home” button on your facebook dashboard, then you’ve already received Facebook’s new privacy update. This week, the world’s largest Read more

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It’s something you’ve probably heard or read many times over, I know I’ve repeated it often enough… ‘the best security starts between the ears’. It’s always been a truism and never more so than in these days of ever increasing threats and cybercrime. Getting the priorities right Lately the net has been inundated with stories Read more

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  Things change quickly in social media, and it’s easy for several generations of changes to happen even between logins. Back at the beginning of the summer, I told you how to setup a safe and secure Facebook profile, and in that post, I talked about the risks of using Facebook add-ons such as games Read more