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cloud storage

Storing one’s data in the cloud… in other words on third party networks… has been rapidly growing in popularity, both as a backup medium and a means for providing access to data from a variety of devices. The benefits and risks have been well documented with the consensus generally coming down on the plus side. Read more

Google Logo

How much is your privacy worth?  $10 per month?  $25 per month?  Would you just give it away for free?  All of your private data?  Information about what you like?  Your shopping lists? Giving it away for free is exactly what you’re doing when you use Google’s products.  Now some people may not care all Read more

Do you have a Crashplan?

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Airline pilots, IT managers, talk show hosts, doctors, football players, and sky divers all have something important in common. What might that be? They all have a plan “B” or a “crash” plan to use when things go wrong – and they always do at the most inopportune time. This is one reason why the Read more