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This is the first edition of a weekly series which will feature some of the top tech news of the previous week (or so). Netflix Profiles Netflix announced earlier this month that members can create separate profiles for each member of their household. Each family member will see a ‘uniquely personalized experience’ based on their Read more


We have received an email from Aimersoft with advanced notice of an upcoming giveaway. The giveaway is for Aimersoft Video Studio Express and will be available for 3 days, from August 19th through to August 21st. Aimersoft Video Studio Express would normally sell for $35.00us but will be available free for everyone during the aforementioned Read more


BitTorrent is a robust, but controversial, file sharing protocol that allows files to be pieced together from one to many sources. BitTorrent’s abilities add speed and increased redundancy, that were previously near impossible, to the sharing of files. BitTorrent Sync is available for Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, and Android (iOS coming soon), which makes it Read more


I guess one of the most important questions regarding free data recovery tools is… do they actually work? After testing many of the leading contenders in this freeware genre over the years, I would say without hesitation, the answer is yes, but with a couple of major provisos. Firstly, even though these data recovery tools Read more

lavabit and silent mail

Following in the wake of Lavabit’s recent self-imposed suspension, another secure email provider, Silent Circle, has decided to shut down its ‘Silent Mail’ service. Lavabit is the secure email service which came under notice for being whistleblower Edward Snowden’s provider of choice. Lavabit’s owner/operator, Ladar Levison, published the following announcement coinciding with his service’s indefinite Read more

Ringtones for Space Geeks

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apollo 11 launch

NASA has a webpage that lists free ringtones for many of the memorable moments in U.S. space history including snippets from President John F. Kennedy speech announcing the race to the Moon, Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon, Sally Ride’s take on spaceflight and Apollo 13’s “Houston, we’ve had a problem” proclamation. Also included Read more

the pirate bay logo - part 1

Yo-ho-ho, no more censorship and a bottle of rum. Well, maybe not the bottle of rum. With governments worldwide seemingly intent on exercising more and more control over our internet, I guess it was only a matter of time before opposition groups began fighting back. To that end, as part of its 10th birthday celebrations, Read more

Win X mobile-video-converter-box

Digiarty has organized a “Back to School” promotion which includes a giveaway for WinX Mobile Video Converter. WinX Mobile Video Converter would normally sell for $49.95us but is available free as part of this promotion until 30th September. **NOTE: In order to take advantage of this offer, you must “share” the giveaway on Facebook. WinX Read more

Find My Android Device

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android device manager

Google announced the release of Android Device Manager last week. It is akin to Apple’s Find My iPhone application. If you can’t locate your Android phone or tablet, Android Device Manager lets you ring your phone at maximum volume, even if it has been silenced. If your device isn’t in the general vicinity, you can Read more