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Break Me Off a Piece of That… Android KitKat Android’s first released version started sweet enough, named Cupcake.  It has progressed through all types of sugary and confectionery delights — Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.  So, what will the next version be called?  What sweet treat starts with a Read more


Whether your an advanced power user or just your average home user, system information and monitoring utilities can provide a wealth of valuable information about your system and its hardware. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the best freeware tools available and what they can do for you. As Read more

windows 8 - new begginning

It’s well known that since its initial release in October last year Windows 8 has been struggling to attract new users. Many reasons have been put forward, in my opinion the primary contributing factor is that Windows 7 was (is) a pretty hard act to follow – you can read more on that here: http://www.davescomputertips.com/i-hate-windows-8-it-faded-my-carpets/ Read more


On August 23rd, Microsoft announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will be retiring from Microsoft within the next twelve months. Shares of Microsoft closed at $34.75, up 7.29% on the day. This is just one indicator that, by and large, Mr. Ballmer’s leaving is seen as a good thing for Microsoft.  But while Microsoft hasn’t exactly Read more


Surface Prices Drop The Microsoft Store is permanently reducing the cost of the Touch Cover by $40 to $79.99.  The Surface RT bundle, which includes a black Touch Cover and the Surface RT, will also see a $50 price drop.  The Surface RT bundle will be priced at $399 for a 32GB device and $499 Read more


FireBird is a professional music synthesizer developed by Tone2 which has previously sold for $79.00us. However, Tone2 has decided to release a final updated version and make it available free to everyone. FireBird 2 – now available for free! After seven years of faithful service, the time has come to set the bird free. Firebird Read more

Creating Smaller URLs

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Why would you want a smaller URL?  I wanted smaller URLs for use in emails, anywhere I post on the web and almost explicitly for Twitter, where characters count.  Occasionally, I want a shorter URL because I don’t like the text in the URL, due to either poor web design or bad luck.  Face it, Read more