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Credit: Jerome Segura - Malwarebytes

Security researchers have uncovered a new type of ransomware which is not actually designated as malware but attempts to extort payment from its victims nevertheless. The new strain of ransomware is being labeled “HTML Ransomware” and it works by injecting JavaScript code into the browser. This is a pretty savvy approach on several levels: Because Read more

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We should all know about AutoText entries by now right? Ever want to have a shortcut key to enter a sentence or phrase in your document? Well AutoText sort of has a built in shortcut key. Once you have created your entry, you can key in the mnemonic for your entry and tap F3. That Read more


‘Best STL’ is a UK based company specializing in instructor-led Microsoft Office training courses. However, Best STL has also produced a wide range of professional training manuals which are available free to download in PDF format. The manuals are generally available in various levels of proficiency from Introduction, to Intermediate, through to Advanced and cover Read more


XKeyscore – the claims According to newly revealed documents presented to The Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden, a surveillance program called XKeyscore enables the National Security Agency (NSA) to see “nearly everything a user does on the internet”.  The Guardian article. with a somewhat flamboyant heading, claims that NSA training materials include a boast that Read more

Windows Hard Driive Tweaks

Hard Drive Partitions vs Folders Note: These are only my opinions. Take them for what they may be worth. ~ Richard There are a couple main viewpoints regarding hard drive partitioning versus folder management. Neither one is right or wrong. It is simply a difference in the way people tend to look at things. One Read more


As you may already be aware, there are three very good  image viewers available for us freeware fans; FastStone, IrfanView, and XnView. All three are excellent programs with some nice features and basic yet useful editing options. Choice is purely subjective, I settled on FastStone as my default image viewer simply because I preferred FastStone’s Read more

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Instant RSS Search is an online search engine specifically designed to locate RSS feeds for sites which include material of particular interest to an individual. It’s simple, quick, and effective: Just type a search term into the search dialogue box and away you go. Let’s test Instant RSS Search using “Computer Tips” as our search Read more

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There have been times when I have had to search for comment marks in a Word document. For instance, a client once sent me her large document that had been copied and pasted from another document and she was getting strange strings of text throughout her document. So I had to search the entire document Read more

Windows Hard Driive Tweaks

The Windows Registry Today we’re going to be talking about the very complex and necessary Windows Registry, and whether you should Clean, Defragment or otherwise manipulate it. The first thing I want to make very clear at the outset of this discussion is that I do not advise anyone, particularly those who are not intimately familiar with Read more

DNSCrypt Control Center

Are you an OpenDNS user?Did you know that OpenDNS released a free program for both Windows and Mac which adds an extra layer of security to your online activities? It’s called DNSCrypt… and OpenDNS describes it thus: DNSCrypt is a piece of lightweight software that everyone should use to boost online privacy and security.  It Read more

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For the uninitiated; SourceForge is the primary repository for open source software, hosting more than 300,00 projects. By extension, this means that SourceForge has also become the primary download source for open source software. Apparently, SourceForge has now decided to offer developers the opportunity to monetize their projects per medium of a new revenue sharing Read more

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Once you have your ribbon customized perfectly and want everyone else to have the same, it’s a very easy task to share with your colleagues. Follow the steps below to learn how: Right-click your Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon. Just below the the list box to the right, select Import/Export | Export All Customizations. Read more