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***DCT Exclusive*** Aimersoft has most kindly donated 10 licenses for Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate (for Windows) for us to giveaway to our subscribers… Thank you Aimersoft! This is the latest, full, unlimited version of this outstanding software which would normally sell for $69.95us, but you now have the chance to win a free license simply Read more


The EULA or End User License Agreement accompanies almost all bought and free software and you have to agree to it to install the program/game, etc. But who ever reads them? I don’t and never have. When that long awaited for game arrives in my mailbox I am in too much of a hurry to Read more


Dexpot – What is a Virtual Desktop? Virtual desktops are extra desktops for various sets of icons, applications, browsers and anything else you might find a use for. I’ve recently been fortunate enough to have several monitors. I use one for writing, another for browsing the internet, and yet another for notes, Twitter/Facebook feeds, gadgets, and Read more

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Lots of businesses have data tables set up in worksheets but this tip is not just for businesses. Say you have a large business and have set up a data table of your clients. In the first column you have the name of your clients and in the second column the cities in which they Read more

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On May 16th , Apple announced that its 50 billionth app had been downloaded from the App Store. The 50 billionth app was a free app, Say the Same Thing, by Space Inch, LLC.  Brandon Ashmore from Mentor, Ohio received a $10,000 App Store gift card for downloading the 50 billionth app.  Is it even possible Read more

Windows 8.1

A recent announcement from Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft’s Windows division, has now confirmed a number of previous speculations regarding the upcoming Windows 8 release. In keeping with Microsoft’s conventional naming policy, the update to Windows 8, which has been codenamed “Blue”, will be officially dubbed Windows 8.1. Windows Read more

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Fake Anti-Virus programs and Ransomware have both been around for a while now. Fake Anti-virus (AKA Rogue Security Software) in particular was very prevalent during 2010, with Ransomware coming to prominence more recently. It appears the cybercrooks are now combining both these threats into a single scourge dubbed ‘Secure Bit’… what some pundits are describing Read more

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There are lots of instances where you would like to delete every second, third, fifth, etc. rows in your worksheet. One instance that readily comes to mind is when you use data from another source. Luckily this is not a difficult task! Follow the steps below to learn how: Open your worksheet in which you Read more