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angry man

Warning; rant follows! You’ve no doubt heard the saying… “bad things always happen in threes”. I recently experienced such an episode (or maybe tripisode?) regarding my home entertainment equipment. Three of my electronic components went kaput, one after another, with barely a week between each.   #1 – Where have all the ‘basic’ TVs gone? Read more


The latest batch of security updates for Microsoft Office, released just last week, has apparently been causing widespread problems. If you’ve been receiving repeated requests to install the same updates over and over, then you are definitely not alone. The issue is restricted to Office updates, but appears to be pretty universal. So much so Read more

mind over mechanics

A specialist team at the University of Minnesota is developing a non-evasive system to control robotics via the human brain…. a brain/computer interface. The team is anticipating that this emerging technology will eventually be of great assistance for the severely disabled, helping them regain mobility and independence  Awesome!!  

ccleaner vs privazer

A classic confrontation – the venerable old feller versus the upstart newcomer! Back in February 2012 we presented a series of articles comparing three alternatives to the well established CCleaner. You can catch up with those articles here: Part 1: SlimCleaner — Part 2: Toolwiz Care — Part 3: Wise Disk Cleaner — Part 4: Read more


PayPal Wants to be Your Digital Wallet PayPal you to leave your cash, debit cards and credit cards at home. Its recently updated app for the iOS and Android platforms makes PayPal easier to use. Some of the new features include the ability to order and pay for an item before going to the store Read more


We have received advance notice that Aimersoft is planning a 24 hour giveaway scheduled for September 17th. The giveaway will be for the terrific Aimersoft DVD Creator, both Windows and Mac versions will be on offer. Aimersoft DVD Creator for Windows would normally sell for $45.95us and the Mac version for $49.00us, but you can Read more

Credit - Alamo Drafthouse Theater blog

A movie blogger called Alex Billington, who writes for FirstShowing.net, was so incensed by constant cell phone texting and emailing during a screening for press and film industry members that he finally snapped and rang 911. Unsurprisingly, the emergency responder didn’t immediately dispatch a SWAT team to quell the unruly rabble but instead only laughed. Read more

Word 2

As you know from previous posts, fields are used frequently in MS Word documents. Often, fields in your document are updated automatically when you make edits to your document or print it. There can be instances though, when you may not want a field to be updated. Follow the steps below to learn how to Read more

onelook dictionary search - home page

Here is another online service which, in my humble opinion, is well worth bookmarking. It’s called ‘OneLook Dictionary Search‘ and, as the name suggests, the service utilizes results from multiple online dictionaries…  1062 to be exact. There is no shortage of online dictionaries available and many of us would already have selected a favorite. I Read more


Break Me Off a Piece of That… Android KitKat Android’s first released version started sweet enough, named Cupcake.  It has progressed through all types of sugary and confectionery delights — Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.  So, what will the next version be called?  What sweet treat starts with a Read more


Whether your an advanced power user or just your average home user, system information and monitoring utilities can provide a wealth of valuable information about your system and its hardware. In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the best freeware tools available and what they can do for you. As Read more