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With today’s modern machines mostly equipped with high capacity RAM and multi-core processors, issues created by processes gobbling up vast amounts of the system’s resources have largely been negated. However, for those who run machines with lower resource specs, in this case specifically RAM, here’s a great little program called Process Piglet which monitors running Read more

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ScreenTips are words, phrases or perhaps a graphic that displays a box of text when you hover your mouse over it in MS word. Usually, a Screentip will supply you with details regarding the item over which you are hovering your mouse. I am sure that all of you have seen them at some point Read more

Portable Apps And Why We Like Them

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Portable Apps vs Installed Apps Anyone who follows Dave’s Computer Tips (DCT) for any time at all realizes that the authors here really like portable applications. There’s a good reason for this. They are much simpler by design and end up being easier to use as a result. Applications that must be installed Unless an Read more


Cloud storage service ‘Box’ has announced it’s giving away 50GB of free storage for users who try the new version of its Apple iOS app: We couldn’t be more excited to announce that today we are releasing our brand new, completely rebuilt Box for iPhone® and iPad® app. And to commemorate this, we are offering 50GB of free Read more


Amazon Knows What You Want Even Before You Do The Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon has received a patent for “anticipatory shipping.” Products could start making their way to your door before you even order them.    Amazon could use your searches, previous orders and, yes, the time your cursor hovers over a listing (creepy) to Read more

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Remember when you last moved house? All those boxes, each with a label saying books, cutlery, stamp albums, Uncle Ted’s ashes, that sort of thing? And remember when you all arrived at the new house  and the domestic removal technicians unloaded all those boxes, which you carefully unpacked and wondered why you’d packed half of Read more

How to Change Cell Colors in Excel 2010

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There is a tool in Excel that will allow you to very quickly and easily change the color of a selected cell. That would be the Fill color tool, which can be found on the Formatting toolbar or the Home tab of your Ribbon and has a small paint bucket and color sample. If you Read more


Many of us buy used cars because we don’t have a choice. Our pockets aren’t deep enough for the shiny new twin turbo with go faster stripes, GTX stickers and creamy leather seats. The same can be said for most acquisitions really, whether they be cars, houses, domestic appliances and yes, computers. But why would Read more