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Timely advice from security reporter Brian Krebs. These types of scam emails requesting confirmation of online orders are prolific at the best of times but the pre-Christmas shopping spree creates an environment of exaggerated vulnerability, one which the malware purveyors are only too happy to take advantage of. If you tend to do a lot Read more

Tech Support Scams Unveiled

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feature - tech support scams

In his latest exposé, security reporter Brian Krebs details the dirty tricks often perpetrated by telephone tech support services. In particular, Brian highlights one instance where such a service has been clearly misleading potential consumers by falsely claiming to be a Microsoft Certified Partner: “You can’t make this stuff up: A tech support company based Read more


Last week, Brian Krebs warned of a suspected data breach at Home Depot stores across the US and Canada dating back to April this year. Unfortunately, that breach has now been confirmed. Even though it appears that the PINs tied to debit cards were not compromised, Brian’s latest report on the breach warns that multiple Read more


Target Breach – The News Keeps Getting Worse Target announced this week that 70 million customers have had their personal information hacked.  These customers had their name, address, phone number and email address stolen.  These victims are not limited to those who have recently shopped at Target.   Target says that this is not a Read more


The following excerpt is taken from an original article published by Brian Krebs on his KrebsOnSecurity blog. The article details a massive internet based credit card scam affecting possibly thousands of consumers. It is a complex scenario yet ultimately enlightening read which clearly displays Brian’s investigative skills as he digs deeper and deeper to get Read more

cryptoprevent - latest version

We first published an article regarding the pernicious CryptoLocker ransomware and how to avoid the infection using CryptoPrevent a couple of weeks ago… you can catch up with that original article here: Block CryptoLocker Ransomware with Free *CryptoPrevent*. In précis; CryptoLocker introduces a particularly nasty innovation into what is essentially an old scam. This malware Read more

Credit: Jerome Segura - Malwarebytes

Security researchers have uncovered a new type of ransomware which is not actually designated as malware but attempts to extort payment from its victims nevertheless. The new strain of ransomware is being labeled “HTML Ransomware” and it works by injecting JavaScript code into the browser. This is a pretty savvy approach on several levels: Because Read more

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It’s something you’ve probably heard or read many times over, I know I’ve repeated it often enough… ‘the best security starts between the ears’. It’s always been a truism and never more so than in these days of ever increasing threats and cybercrime. Getting the priorities right Lately the net has been inundated with stories Read more

email scam

In all the time I’ve been computering I’ve never actually received any phishing or scam emails myself. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of examples across the net and on computers belonging to my clientele but I’ve never actually had one come through my own inbox… until now! Just to show how sneaky these people are; I Read more


This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. If you missed part 1 you should check it out at Online Credit Card Security – Part 1. OK . . . you’ve decided that you want to make your purchase from AcmeExplosives.com (after all, Wiley Coyote gets his dynamite from there, so he trusts it). Read more