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  • Freak

    The ‘FREAK’ Vulnerability – Internet Explorer Users Note!

    There’s been a lot written recently regarding a vulnerability known as “FREAK”, much of it involving unnecessarily scary rhetoric. The truth of the matter is, for Windows users anyway, the only real risk is (or was) pretty much restricted to Internet Explorer. Both Firefox and Chrome in Windows are not susceptible to the FREAK vulnerability. […]

  • youtube

    5 Cool YouTube Things You Might Not Know About

    YouTube – Another Wonderful Internet Thang YouTube is a great, fun web site. It sports thousands of videos and hundreds of hours are being uploaded every minute. It is mind-boggling when you consider that it works at all! There may be a few features of the YouTube site that you are not aware of. Here are but […]

  • oscars23

    Geo-Blocking The Oscars – What’s That All About?

    Also known as geolocation, this perverse and absurd practice isn’t just confined to The Oscars of course, as anyone who uses Youtube will be painfully aware. I choose Oscar, as in a moment of misguided magnanimity, I acceded to my better half’s request to watch the show last night, when I’d rather have been pulling my […]

  • chrome-logo

    Get more out of your Google Chrome Browser

    Do you ever look at your browser and think ‘How boring’?  Or wish it could do more?  If your computer/phone can have all these cool options why can’t your browser?  This happens to me every time I open my Google Chrome browser. Me being me, I just had to do some research and find out if […]

  • zenmate-logo2

    ZenMate Add-on Provides Secure & Anonymous Browsing

    Edward Snowden will undoubtedly go down in history as the man who irrevocably changed the world’s perception of online privacy forever. Personally, I think it’s disgraceful that we should even need specific software dedicated to protecting our privacy from snooping governments, advertizing companies, and the myriad of other organizations who spy on and trade off […]

  • desktop wallpaper

    My Top 5 Wallpaper Websites

    You should never have a naked desktop.  I thought that would get your attention.  Your computer desktop should reflect your personality and show your style.  I say personalize your computer desktop and have fun doing it.  Saying that, I decided to do all the keyboard work for you and give you my top 5 wallpaper […]

  • adblock-image

    Best Firefox Speed Boost In Years

    For anyone who uses ad blocking add-ons in Firefox, boy! Have I got great news for you… AdBlock Plus (ABP) is the go-to ad blocking solution that every Firefox user seems to swear by. The downside of this very good add-on is that it slows down your browsing experience and uses a whole lot of […]

  • PicMonkey Collage-feature

    Create Free Photo Collages Online at PicMonkey

    Creating photo collages is not something I’m normally in to but I recently encountered a situation where it was the most convenient method for sharing a special occasion with friends and family. Seeing how this was most likely not going to be regular occurrence I didn’t want to install any additional software so I set […]

  • keeping-kids-safe-on-the-internet49-217997

    Whose (on)line is it anyway?

    As a responsible parent, I’ve always held the opinion that it is my duty to protect my children on-line. Of course, I can only do this to an extent, and until they are of a certain age, and given my kids are now young adults, that responsibility has all but left me, however I now […]

  • admin2

    When Does Forum Moderation Become Censorship?

     So you want to be a moderator? Do you know how many would-be dictators are out there, masquerading as forum administrators and moderators? If you have any experience of online forums you’ll probably know that the administrator is the all seeing eye with God-like powers and moderators are their anointed servants with powers only limited […]