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encrypted email

Just about a year ago, a video was posted on the Vimeo website, with the intention of demonstrating encryption for journalists, by one “anon108″.   The video was for Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who subsequently broke the NSA mass surveillance stories; he watched it, didn’t really understand it, and didn’t bother to take it any further.   Read more


E-mail Encryption for Private People Millions of people every day send messages to friends, colleagues, and business contacts, written on postcards.  Electronic postcards, but still readable by anyone who cares to pick them up.  Would you send a letter without an envelope?  Every time you send an ordinary e-mail, that’s what you’re doing.  What you Read more


Most ardent Firefox users would have been frustrated at one time or another by the popular browser’s excessive RAM usage, but did you know that a bare bones Firefox actually compares very favorably with competitor browsers and it’s the add-ons which are actually consuming the additional resources? It’s a catch-22 situation; one of Firefox’s main Read more


Apple Offers Cheaper, Faster MacBook Airs Apple introduced two new MacBook Airs on April 29th:  an 11-inch laptop and 13-inch laptop, each available with either 128 GB or 256 GB of storage.  These models are similar to previous generations but each costs $100 less than its predecessor.  Both new laptops feature faster, newer processors.  Both Read more


Microsoft has issued a Security Advisory warning Internet Explorer users of a targeted attack which exploits a previously unknown flaw to allow remote code execution. According to FireEye, the security firm credited with discovering the attack, all versions of Internet Explorer (v6 – v11) are vulnerable, although currently only versions 9 – 11 are being Read more

10 minute mail - self destruct

Disposable and temporary email addresses can certainly be helpful in the ongoing battle against spam. However, there are very few services which do not require some kind of registration or signup, if any. “10 Minute Mail” is somewhat unique in that that it offers free instant disposable email addresses on-demand. We’ve all encountered the same Read more


Microsoft Completes Nokia Acquisition Microsoft has completed its acquisition of the Devices and Services division of longtime Windows Phone advocate, Nokia.  Stephen Elop, who served as Nokia’s president and CEO, will be reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as  executive VP of Microsoft’s Devices Group. In his new role, Mr. Elop will oversee the company’s entire hardware lineup of phones, tablets, Read more


Aliases, or alternative email addresses, are an easy and useful way to isolate/separate specific emails and help keep your main Outlook.com email address off the radar. Aliases were first introduced into Hotmail sometime ago and have been carried over to the Outlook.com webmail service. Outlook.com users can create up to ten aliases and it’s a Read more

british pathe - logo

If you’re one who enjoys reliving the past you definitely need to check out British Pathé’s massive collection of historical newsreel videos. From the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 to “Arnie” winning Mr. Universe in 1969. All in all there are more than 85000 videos categorized under playlists with headings such as; A Day That Shook Read more