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browser security

I’ve recently installed three new add-ons (new to me anyway) in my Firefox browser which are specifically designed to help with security and or privacy. I haven’t been using these add-ons long enough to form a definitive opinion yet, but I thought many of you might like to check them out anyway. HTTPS Everywhere – Read more


Yahoo Mail Users Are Latest Hacking Victims In what has unfortunately become a weekly news item, Yahoo Mail users are the latest victims of hacking.  In a tumblr posting, Jay Rossiter, Yahoo’s Senior Vice President of Platforms and Personalization Products, stated that “a coordinated effort to gain unauthorized access to Yahoo Mail accounts” was discovered.   Read more


February 4th, 2014. An anniversary for some. A milestone celebration of a game changing social interaction website for many. A day of anxiety for others who fear for their privacy. Today is the 10th birthday, or anniversary depending on your viewpoint, of Facebook. No matter what your feelings are regarding Facebook, and the associated privacy Read more


“Pwnd” – What the Heck Is That? The etymology of the word ‘pwned’ is not entirely known. There are many speculations about its origin and no one seems to agree on its pronunciation either. The only thing I can find that makes sense is this definition at Wiktionary: “own, possibly born out  of a typographical Read more


Target Breach – The News Keeps Getting Worse Target announced this week that 70 million customers have had their personal information hacked.  These customers had their name, address, phone number and email address stolen.  These victims are not limited to those who have recently shopped at Target.   Target says that this is not a Read more


The following excerpt is taken from an original article published by Brian Krebs on his KrebsOnSecurity blog. The article details a massive internet based credit card scam affecting possibly thousands of consumers. It is a complex scenario yet ultimately enlightening read which clearly displays Brian’s investigative skills as he digs deeper and deeper to get Read more

have i been pwned - samaller

News of site hacks and stolen passwords is becoming almost routine, barely a week goes by when we don’t hear of yet another break in. With major players such as Yahoo, Sony, Adobe, Facebook, and Google involved, it is definitely a concern. Fortunately, many hackers appear to enjoy publicizing their feats, often publishing details of Read more

LG smart TV

It’s important to note that this story relates specifically to a smart TV manufactured by the LG company. Still, working on the ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ principle, it does tend to cast a shadow of doubt over the entire industry. An LG customer living in the UK has discovered that his recently purchased smart Read more