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Microsoft has issued a Security Advisory warning Internet Explorer users of a targeted attack which exploits a previously unknown flaw to allow remote code execution. According to FireEye, the security firm credited with discovering the attack, all versions of Internet Explorer (v6 – v11) are vulnerable, although currently only versions 9 – 11 are being Read more

10 minute mail - self destruct

Disposable and temporary email addresses can certainly be helpful in the ongoing battle against spam. However, there are very few services which do not require some kind of registration or signup, if any. “10 Minute Mail” is somewhat unique in that that it offers free instant disposable email addresses on-demand. We’ve all encountered the same Read more


Microsoft Completes Nokia Acquisition Microsoft has completed its acquisition of the Devices and Services division of longtime Windows Phone advocate, Nokia.  Stephen Elop, who served as Nokia’s president and CEO, will be reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as  executive VP of Microsoft’s Devices Group. In his new role, Mr. Elop will oversee the company’s entire hardware lineup of phones, tablets, Read more


Aliases, or alternative email addresses, are an easy and useful way to isolate/separate specific emails and help keep your main Outlook.com email address off the radar. Aliases were first introduced into Hotmail sometime ago and have been carried over to the Outlook.com webmail service. Outlook.com users can create up to ten aliases and it’s a Read more

british pathe - logo

If you’re one who enjoys reliving the past you definitely need to check out British Pathé’s massive collection of historical newsreel videos. From the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 to “Arnie” winning Mr. Universe in 1969. All in all there are more than 85000 videos categorized under playlists with headings such as; A Day That Shook Read more


Apple’s Operating Systems Heartbleed Free The HeartBleed bug affects the encryption technology designed to protect email, instant messaging and e-commerce related to online accounts.  The problem affects only the version of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) known as OpenSSL.  Unfortunately, this happens to be one of the most common on the Internet.  Unlike most Read more


As the first quarter of 2014 has now drawn to a close, and considering XP’s end of support is nigh, I thought it might be timely to check out current market share figures and see how much things have changed over the past 12 months. As usual, the source for these statistics is the well Read more

Windows_live mail - logo

I’ve always been a fan of local email clients, and Microsoft’s native email client in particular; from Outlook Express to Windows Mail through to the latest iteration, Windows Live Mail. Familiarity is one defining factor yes, but in my experience MS’s email clients have always included several features I really like that are not available Read more

The Ups & Downs of Popcorn Time

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Popcorn Time, the free and open source streaming movie project, has gone through so much turmoil in such a short space of time. Popcorn Time was launched just over a week ago to critical acclaim. A few short days later the developers decided to pull the plug and Popcorn Time is no more. If you Read more


Amazon Prime Price Going Up If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, you received an email this week announcing that Amazon is raising the price of its popular service to $99. According to Amazon’s website, the price change is set to occur on April 17th.  From my personal experience, that is not true since my Read more


A New York federal court has granted permission for the seizure of several domain names, bank funds and social media accounts belonging to the Chinese based company responsible for the DVDFab software. As of now, DVDFab and associated domains are inaccessible. The order was issued following a law suit initiated by AACS, a decryption licensing Read more