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privacy badger-feature

Privacy Badger is a relatively new anti-tracking browser add-on coming to us from the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). Privacy Badger is similar to but inherently different from other anti-tracking and ad-blocking add-ons such as Ghostery, Adblock Plus, and Disconnect. Privacy Badger is a browser add-on that stops advertisers and other third-party trackers from secretly tracking Read more


Catch Up For those who would like to catch up with previous articles in this series, here they are: WordPress – How To Have Your Own Web Site – Introduction WordPress – How To Have Your Own Web Site – What You’ll Need WordPress – How To Have Your Own Web Site – Installation WordPress Read more


This is the sixth installment of the on-going WordPress series and I’d like to talk about security. Security is an important aspect of any computer user’s thoughts. There are tons of bad guys out there and they don’t merely focus on the normal every day user. They like to target Web Masters as well. Since WordPress is Read more


This may be out of sequence a bit, but I thought Themes, Plug-ins, Widgets and Headers ought to come before delving into the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WordPress is a system that allows you to do just about anything when it comes to changing the way it looks, the way it acts and the Read more


In this fourth installment of the series I would like to talk about the WordPress Dashboard and cPanel. To make sure we’re on the same page here, let me point out a definition of terms. “Dashboard” and “Back End” refer to the same thing. They  have different names but perform the same tasks. I may Read more

firefox - going down

A couple of months ago we published an article highlighting how the once popular Firefox browser is slowly but inexorably losing favor with users, you can catch up with that article here: Firefox Slowly Slipping into Oblivion? So, here we are in October, another quarter has flashed by, and I thought I’d take a look, Read more


This is round three in a series of articles about WordPress and creating your own web site. In this post, I will briefly cover installing WordPress. WordPress is very easy to install and, in many cases, your web site hosting service will install it for you. “Easy” is an over-used term which is generally pushed Read more


Last week, Brian Krebs warned of a suspected data breach at Home Depot stores across the US and Canada dating back to April this year. Unfortunately, that breach has now been confirmed. Even though it appears that the PINs tied to debit cards were not compromised, Brian’s latest report on the breach warns that multiple Read more


At long last the much anticipated stable version of Google’s 64-bit Chrome browser is available for download. According to Google, the 64-bit Chrome edition excels in three areas; it is faster, more secure, and more stable… but then Google would say that, wouldn’t they. Both Mozilla and Google have been working on 64-bit versions of Read more

Do You Email?

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Is Email on the way out? That’s a bit like asking ‘Do you still watch cable TV?‘ and not quite as off topic as one might think. As for cable/terrestrial TV, no, I don’t watch it anywhere near as much as I did before, thanks to the Internet of course and in large part due Read more