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Many of us buy used cars because we don’t have a choice. Our pockets aren’t deep enough for the shiny new twin turbo with go faster stripes, GTX stickers and creamy leather seats. The same can be said for most acquisitions really, whether they be cars, houses, domestic appliances and yes, computers. But why would Read more


What is a Bottleneck? A bottleneck, when talking about computer hardware, and not your favorite rustic libation, refers to the slowest device in the system. That one piece of hardware that is bogging down everything else. Your hard drive is a typical example. It is almost always the slowest turtle in the race. In fact, Read more

win7 tips and tricks

I realize Windows 7 has been around for quite some time and most users would now be largely familiar with this very good operating system. However, with XP’s end of support date imminent I am supposing there may be an influx of new Windows 7 users over the coming 3 or 4 months who may Read more


Windows 8/8.1 includes a pretty slick search feature which is available via the Start Screen. Simply start typing in a search term and results will begin displaying immediately. This search feature can also be accessed in desktop mode via the Charms Bar or by simultaneously pressing the Windows + S keys on the keyboard. However, Read more

RSS Themes in Windows

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Windows Wallpaper and Themes I think Windows 7 Themes are cool. If you don’t have a large collection of images, then maybe you are getting tired of seeing the same old pictures all day every day. I have a possible solution- RSS Themes. By setting up an RSS Windows Theme that gets it’s Wallpaper from Read more


Windows 7 Annoyances What is annoying to one person may not even be noticed by another. I fall into the first category– many things annoy me. There are a few things about Windows 7 that get under my skin. Answering the same questions over and over again is one of them. Having the word ‘Shortcut’ Read more

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The following article was prompted by a comment from one of our readers who had problems trying to find how to manage cookies in PrivaZer: Deleting cookies as part of an overall cleaning operation can be quite problematic; we want to delete as many cookies as possible but we’d also often like to retain persistent Read more