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ALT-Codes, what are they? Did you ever wonder how to add accents (é), umlauts (ö), circumflexes (ô), and cedillas (ç) in your text? Or how about those Trademark (®) and Copyright (©) symbols? There’s a very simple way to get that job done and the answer is ALT-Codes. Your normal US standard keyboard has a wide variety of Read more

Creating Smaller URLs

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Why would you want a smaller URL?  I wanted smaller URLs for use in emails, anywhere I post on the web and almost explicitly for Twitter, where characters count.  Occasionally, I want a shorter URL because I don’t like the text in the URL, due to either poor web design or bad luck.  Face it, Read more


**Caveat: This only works with Gmail to Gmail using Google’s Chrome browser. Recent revelations concerning the NSA and government surveillance have tended to heighten users’ awareness that email communications are generally susceptible to prying eyes. As a result, I suspect many would be seeking some kind of more secure method for sending and receiving emails Read more


BitTorrent is a robust, but controversial, file sharing protocol that allows files to be pieced together from one to many sources. BitTorrent’s abilities add speed and increased redundancy, that were previously near impossible, to the sharing of files. BitTorrent Sync is available for Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, and Android (iOS coming soon), which makes it Read more