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Wood iPhone accessories make me love my iOS device

Wrist Comm

Apple is coming for your wrists, but not this year Apple got where it is today by climbing the industry ladder with great technology. In the early 2000’s, the company had a knack for entering an emerging device market and creating a near-ubiquitous “need” for its premium products. It wasn’t enough to have an mp3 Read more


iPhoneDevSDK is a compromised site and should be avoided! In a report on All Things D, Mike Isaac reveals that a “compromised website” used by iPhone developers is likely responsible for the hacking of some mega sites like Apple and Facebook: In the spate of large companies hacked in recent weeks, it seems that many of them Read more

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LinkedIn and other professional networking sites encourage you to get noticed I’ve already spent time explaining the importance of protecting yourself on social networks. We’ve been through ways to setup a safe and secure Facebook account as well as how to create a private Twitter profile. It can be a lot of work to manage Read more

facebook privacy settings

Quick! Go check your to see if your Facebook dashboard looks like the one on the left or the one on the right. If you have the new new “lock and lines” icon next to the “home” button on your facebook dashboard, then you’ve already received Facebook’s new privacy update. This week, the world’s largest Read more

  If you’ve seen any one of the different tv shows about hoarding, or better yet an episode of American Pickers with an especially attached collector, you’ve witnessed how emotionally involved people can become with the objects they collect. When loved ones don’t share the same passion for collection, or even worse, resent the “hoarding’ behaviors, people Read more

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  Things change quickly in social media, and it’s easy for several generations of changes to happen even between logins. Back at the beginning of the summer, I told you how to setup a safe and secure Facebook profile, and in that post, I talked about the risks of using Facebook add-ons such as games Read more

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This has been my setup for the past month: Mid-2012 Macbook Air Connected to an 27″ Apple Thunderbolt Display. I love it. It’s remarkable.  The better than HD, 2560-by-1440 display really makes looking at everything else seem like I should get my contact prescription adjusted. I work at this desk every day, and then take the Macbook Air home. Read more

Google’s Android operating system is the most popular smartphone OS in the world. That is, there are more Android devices than iOS devices, WinMo devices, and Blackberries. This was always the nature of Android: to allow for the spread of the OS to many devices on many carriers in many countries. Great plan. Though this Read more

Ask and you shall receive

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So I’ve been running the Gone Social articles for a little while now, and some of you have left comments, sent me emails, and gotten in contact with me to ask me questions or give me suggestions about the information I’ve been posting. Some people have even started Facebook and/or Twitter accounts now after finding Read more

A couple of weeks ago, we learned how to setup a safe and secure Facebook account, and boy does it take a lot. Social networks can be wonderful tools and resources to the educated user, and the good news is that Twitter is, on the whole, much safer and more secure than Facebook. Twitter’s privacy Read more