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Beware: CryptoLocker Ransomware Ups the Ante!

cryptoprevent - latest version

We first published an article regarding the pernicious CryptoLocker ransomware and how to avoid the infection using CryptoPrevent a couple of weeks ago… you can catch up with that original article here: Block CryptoLocker Ransomware with Free *CryptoPrevent*. In précis; CryptoLocker introduces a particularly nasty innovation into what is essentially an old scam. This malware Read more

wonderfox blackberry video converter

Here is another current giveaway from WonderFox Soft, this one is for WonderFox Blackberry Video Converter Factory Pro. This professional video converter software would normally sell for $29.95us but is available free for everyone right now… offer expires 12th November. WonderFox Blackberry Video Converter Factory Pro giveaway – The software No.1 BlackBerry Video Conversion Software Read more

WonderFox HD video converter pro

WonderFox Soft is currently running a special Thanksgiving promotion which includes a giveaway for WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. This professional video converter software would normally sell for $49.95us but is available right now absolutely free for everyone… offer ends 20th November. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro giveaway – The software Convert HD Read more


Microsoft has recently released its latest Security Intelligence Report (SIR) which details, among other things, rates of malware infections across the various Windows operating systems. The report is entirely security related and not meant specifically as a vessel to encourage XP users to upgrade. However, that certainly is a side effect, unintentional or not – Read more


A 12-year-old Canadian boy has pleaded guilty to hacking government and police websites during the student uprising in spring 2012, creating computer havoc and causing $60,000 damage. According to a story published by the Toronto Sun, the boy traded pirated information to Anonymous in exchange for… you guessed it… video games! The little hacker, who Read more

congressman video

This bombshell was dropped by Republican Congressman and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers at a recent NSA hearing while interrogating American University College of Law professor Stephen Vladeck over his concerns about NSA surveillance programs. The already infamous quote was uttered by Congressman Rogers during an exchange between the two men. The Congressman started Read more

privazer logo

The following article was prompted by a comment from one of our readers who had problems trying to find how to manage cookies in PrivaZer: Deleting cookies as part of an overall cleaning operation can be quite problematic; we want to delete as many cookies as possible but we’d also often like to retain persistent Read more


SmallPDF.com is a site which offers a range of free and useful online PDF tools. There are currently 4 tools available; Compress PDF, Image to PDF, PDF to Image, and Merge PDF. And, because they are browser-based tools, they will work across all platforms… Mac, Windows, and Linux. Here, we are going to take a Read more

cryptoprevent interface

What is CryptoLocker? CryptoLocker is a relatively new type of ransomware, and one which is particularly pernicious. For those of you who may not be aware; “ransomware” is the term used to describe malicious software which locks down the system or personal data, often via encryption, and demands a ransom (payment) in order for the Read more


There is some truly awesome freeware out there, some of which is unfortunately marred by the bundling of toolbars, advertizing modules and other sundry parasitic extras. Bundling aside, what is your take on freeware which is clean but is being regularly and constantly updated with newer versions? I guess there are two possible schools of Read more

desktop pc

Here’s the scenario; you just setup a brand new PC, the only thing installed is the bare bones operating system. Here’s the question; what are the first ten freeware products you would choose to install? To start the ball rolling, here are my 10 essential freeware choices: #1 Anti-Virus – Avast This is pretty much Read more