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As promised in an earlier article:  here is our list of the best free portable applications. I have sorted them into categories for your convenience, although, not in any order of preference. Considering our main emphasis here is on avoiding crapware, these are all reputable products with portable versions available direct from the developer: Best Read more


I am not a huge fan of joke emails, those supposedly humorous anecdotes which are interminably doing the rounds. However, I received a couple just recently which really tickled my fancy, I actually chuckled… which is a pretty rare event indeed for this cranky old geezer. Both were sent to me by my little brother… Read more


Intrepid security investigator Brian Krebs has reported that sources close to the Target investigation have discovered… “exposed credit card and personal data on more than 110 million consumers appears to have begun with a malware-laced email phishing attack sent to employees at an HVAC firm that did business with the nationwide retailer“. Last week, KrebsOnSecurity Read more


Last week we published several articles dealing with the additional crapware which so often accompanies software installations, including a review of the freeware Unchecky. Following a couple of  comments from our readers, I thought this was a topic which could certainly be expanded upon. DCT reader “Tracy” suggested using ninite.com to avoid crapware, and I Read more

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Microsoft is offering a free ebook available to download via its MSDN blog. The ebook, called “Security and Privacy for Microsoft Office 2010 Users”, is a comprehensive guide to all security related aspects of the Office suite and can be downloaded in PDF, Mobi, and ePub formats: Take control—and put the built-in security and privacy Read more

unchecky interface

You could be forgiven for thinking we are on an ‘anti crapware’ crusade this week, what with Marc’s excellent How do you handle crapware article, my recent experience installing ImgBurn, and now this article, it certainly seems that way. The truth is, it’s all purely coincidental. It is, however, maybe a sign of the times… Read more

toshiba testing ads

Toshiba has created a series of ads to display just how tough the company’s hardware is… in a rather unconventional manner. Toshiba hired the services of two whacky dudes who put the company’s products through a series of outlandish tests which go way beyond what the “dorks back at the office” say the devices are Read more


System monitoring tools, which display core temps, fan speeds, etc. in real time, can be a very useful addition to the desktop. I’ve written about these types of tools previously, notably MooO System Monitor… you can catch up with that article here: Peeking Under the Hood: System Information & Monitoring Tools There are lots of Read more


Microsoft is doomed!  —-  Microsoft has just announced preliminary financial figures which show an increase in both overall revenue and net income (bottom line) for the second quarter of the current financial year. Overall revenue (total income) is up $3.6 billion compared to the equivalent period last financial year and net income (after expenses) has Read more


Leawo is currently running a Spring promotion which includes a giveaway of its well regarded iTransfer software. iTransfer would normally sell for $29.95us but is available free for everyone right now… offer expires 12th February. Leawo iTransfer – The software Transfer Files among iOS Devices, iTunes and PCs with Ease Leawo iTransfer is a powerful Read more


With today’s modern machines mostly equipped with high capacity RAM and multi-core processors, issues created by processes gobbling up vast amounts of the system’s resources have largely been negated. However, for those who run machines with lower resource specs, in this case specifically RAM, here’s a great little program called Process Piglet which monitors running Read more