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apple xmas tree

We’ve seen plenty of advertizing campaigns from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung which tend to promote their own products by putting a rival product down. Understandable given the fierce competition between these major players, but a rather negative spin nonetheless. There is, however, nothing negative about Apple’s latest ad which presents a Read more

Microsoft Word

Say you have multiple custom buttons on your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) in Word, in a custom ribbon group. AND your buttons are assigned to macros? Suppose you want to change the ToolTip associated with the macro button on your QAT?? It’s very easy to do this by following the directions below! Right-click the button Read more

Stay Safe with ESET and save 50%

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safe computing

Many of the “old timers” here at DCT know that I am a die hard fan of ESET’s security products and personally use them exclusively. Something just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t have Eset Smart Security installed on my PC’s. Eset Smart Security is extremely effective, light on resources, and continually passes industry tests Read more


Those who have been around computers for some time will be well aware of the Agnitum name associated with quality security software. Founded over 15 years ago, the Agnitum company quickly established a reputation for quality security solutions with its Outpost range of products. Agnitum is currently offering a “Godfather” type deal – too good Read more


Microsoft is not having a good time with its Windows Updates of late with several recent updates causing widespread issues. This latest hiccup involves a December 10th update KB3004394 which can break the update function in Windows 7 SP1 leaving some users unable to install future updates. Users are also reporting issues with third party Read more

Oppo R5 - feature

At just 4.85mm, the Chinese manufactured Oppo R5 is being hailed as the thinnest smartphone ever. Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner, and it seems consumers are becoming more and more concerned as to whether these phones are still tough enough to survive a hard day at the office. So, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has Read more

feature - TBA down

The Pirate Bay has been raided and shut down by Swedish police – possibly forever. The Pirate Bay has suffered similar raids and shutdowns since it was established in 2003 but the file sharing site has always somehow managed to bounce back. Whether or not it will this time though is open to conjecture. At Read more

xmas presents

It usually takes me around 10 minutes to wrap each Christmas gift, and they still end up resembling a pack of poo ticket. Apparently, this is how it should be done:   Remarkable! I believe this may be one talent which is specifically reserved for the female of the species… of course, I could be Read more

Microsoft Word

I cannot tell you how many times I have received a phone call from an irate client, cursing Word and the person who created it because they “have tried everything under the sun” to correct some formatting and it just doesn’t work! Below are some of the complaints I get over and over: The line Read more