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In response to an article we published recently regarding System Restore, reader “Chris” submitted a comment saying that his Windows 7 does not retain system restore points. This appears to be a quite common issue with Windows 7, where existing restore points are deleted on reboot. The same issue also applies to my Windows 7/8.1 Read more

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Microsoft has pulled a number of recent security patches because of users reporting issues after installing the updates. The main culprit appears to be KB2982791 which was delivered during August and, according to Microsoft’s support website, can cause several issues, the most serious of which is a persistent BSoD leading to an unbootable Windows. Microsoft Read more


Should Microsoft Change Internet Explorer’s Name? Apparently, Microsoft recently looked at the possibility of changing its famous browser’s name. Then, after due consideration, decided to leave it as is. This makes a lot of sense to me on both levels. Firstly, a re-branding may well help overcome Internet Explorer’s negative public image. Let’s face it, Read more

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These are all small, lightweight, portable games based on classic oldies. All have been tested and worked fine in Windows 8.1. Free Retro Game #1 – Shootapede This is a simple remake of the classic Atari game Centipede. Shootapede has all the familiar foes vying to take you out and is easily controlled via mouse. Read more


A recent discussion on the DCT Forum reminded me of Malwarebytes’ new anti exploit software which, when I last looked into it, was still in Beta stage. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is now out of Beta and available in the usual Free and Premium editions. Malwarebytes released the new software following its acquisition of ZeroVulnerabilityLabs, including Read more


Once you have created a table in your document, you may want to spiff it up a bit by changing the borders. Luckily, it is not all that difficult to do in Word and there are several methods you can choose from to accomplish this, which are listed below: When you select your table or Read more

In praise of… ‘Variety’

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When you are working at your PC desktop, it’s good to have an interesting background to gaze at occasionally, while waiting for the great thoughts to come.  Windows has its limited number of Themes, some of which will even change between backgrounds at regular intervals.  Or you can set up your backgrounds to come from Read more

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An upcoming update for Internet Explorer will add a new security feature that blocks out-of-date ActiveX controls. In a move described by Microsoft as being specifically about ActiveX, the new feature will be managed per medium of an active blocklist. At this early stage the list contains just one offender – Oracle’s Java ActiveX control Read more