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Ashampoo just keeps those goodies coming for regular DCT readers. This time it’s a brand new release of Ashampoo’s terrific Photo Commander software. This very latest version, Ashampoo Photo Commander 12, was just released earlier this week, on 14th July. Ashampoo Photo Commander 12 would normally sell for $49.99us but DCT subscribers now have a Read more


Microsoft to Lay Off 18,000 Workers Rumors have been rife for some time and now and, in a Microsoft News Center blog post, Satya Nadella has confirmed that 18,000 workers will be laid off during next year. In his blog post, which is essentially a message to employees, Mr. Nadella intimates that the lay off Read more

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Did you know that Windows 8.x includes an automatic system for easily backing up your personal data? It’s called “File History”, but it’s not very obvious and consequently not terribly well known either. We are always urging DCT readers to backup their precious personal files and there couldn’t be a simpler method for Windows 8.x Read more

floating point feature

Floating Point is a free, peaceful game about using a grappling hook to swing yourself gracefully through randomly generated spaces. In the air, you’re fighting gravity. When you splash down beneath the water, you’re fighting your own buoyancy to swing yourself further into the depths. The only objective is to collect points, and the only Read more

Computer Rage – Rise of the Machines? (video)

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Computer Frustration Incarnate We have all experienced the maniacal state of “computer rage”. It can be compared to “road rage”, but there is no true equal. No one on the road actually destroys their vehicles. Oh sure, they may stomp on their steering wheels and mash on their pedals, but nothing compares to smashing a Read more

oops 2

We live in a society connected by technology, but it’s important to at least keep one eye on what’s happening in the real world! This lady was so intent on checking out the latest articles at DCT, she failed to notice the impending danger … we take no responsibility! I love the two guys chuckling Read more


Chinese Couple Sells their Babies to Support Gaming Habit According to a story emanating from the GamesInAsia site; a young couple in China took things way too far when they sold their two sons to child traffickers and used the proceeds to purchase powerups and other advanced features in online games. In a television interview Read more