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How to Find Your Styles in Word 2010

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If like me, you use defined styles in your documents, you may be surprised to learn that there is a very robust search in Word that will allow you to find defined styles within your document. Follow the steps below to learn how: On the Home tab of your Ribbon, in the Editing group, click Read more


On-demand malware scanners/removers have become an integral part of our overall security strategy these days with most users utilizing at least one of these programs to help maintain a clean machine. Antivirus software is never 100% foolproof and these types of second opinion scanners can often help identify what the antivirus lets through. Personally, I Read more


Following on the heels of the Heartbleed scare, another major vulnerability has been identified in a widely utilized software. The newly discovered security vulnerability, dubbed ‘Shellshock’, is part of Bash, the command-line shell utility common to Linux and Unix operating systems. The vulnerability does NOT affect Windows users and the consensus among experts is that Read more

feature - iOS8

After having a blockbuster launch weekend by selling over 10 million iPhones, Apple is having a rough week. Apple released an iOS update (iOS 8.0.1) that proved to be pretty deadly to their newest models, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.   After numerous reports of these models having no cellular capabilities and nonfunctioning Touch IDs after updating to Read more


What is a Firewall? – Hardware vs Software As the image suggests, it is an enforced protection between your computer and the rest of the world. There are both hardware firewalls and software firewalls that you can implement on your computer system. Let’s talk about the differences… Hardware Firewalls (NAT Routers) It is most likely Read more


AutoText is a great feature that has been included in Word since its earliest versions and it is one that really comes in handy. just about everyone I know uses AutoText and uses it frequently as I do. As you all know I love to save time and keystrokes and AutoText is a perfect way Read more


Microsoft has announced a limited time offer to double its free OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) storage, from 15GB to 30GB. The offer is available to anyone with an iPhone, Android Phone, or Windows Phone from now until the end of September. For New OneDrive Users Install the OneDrive application on your device – here are links Read more

the pwnd depot

The final word on the Home Depot breach has been reported by Brian Krebs and it turns out to be a breach of massive proportions: Home Depot said today[14th September] that cyber criminals armed with custom-built malware stole an estimated 56 million debit and credit card numbers from its customers between April and September 2014. Read more