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An historic Apple-1 computer built by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976 sold for $750,000 at Bonhams’ History of Science auction in New York on Wednesday, almost double the anticipated auction price. With auction house premiums, the total value of the sale added up to more than $900,000. The Apple-1 was the first personal computer Read more

wonderfox software

WonderFox is currently running a Halloween giveaway promotion involving three products. The first one up for grabs is WonderFox HD Video Converter Pro. That will be followed by WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro (from 24th – 31st October), and finally, the flagship product, WonderFox DVD Video Converter which is both DVD ripper and video converter in Read more

Microsoft Outlook

I have had many clients in the past who railed about Outlook searches being too slow, but that was before version 2007. With the 2007 iteration of Outlook there were dramatic changes regarding the search capability. This was the dawn of Instant Search in Outlook. In Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 the search capability is Read more


#Gamergate, if you haven’t heard of it by now and I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t, is a curiously toxic mix of allegations and counter allegations, which seemingly started life as an everyday kiss and tell story, the like of which you might have read in a bottom-shelf rag mag. Streisand effect, tropes, doxing, Read more


Ah, those infernal machines. Most of us go through a love hate relationship with our PCs, love ‘em when things are going well, hate ‘em when they are behaving badly. Diagnosing issues can be an exercise in frustration but, in most cases, a fulfilling experience when we finally come across that illusive solution. Considering the Read more

android and iosgames

Here are some cool free games for mobile devices which have been released during the past 6 weeks or so: Angry Birds: Stella Join Stella and her super adventurous friends on a quest to protect Golden Island from the greedy Bad Princess and her clueless piggies! Meet this fierce new bunch, master their amazing superpowers, Read more

How to Restore CTRL+F in Word 2010

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Microsoft Word

When you click that key combination in Word 2010 it no longer opens up the Find and Replace dialog box. Instead a pane will appear on the left-hand side of your screen that will allow you to search. Personally, I feel as if I have been cheated. Nice new software and the fine folks at Read more


This is the sixth installment of the on-going WordPress series and I’d like to talk about security. Security is an important aspect of any computer user’s thoughts. There are tons of bad guys out there and they don’t merely focus on the normal every day user. They like to target Web Masters as well. Since WordPress is Read more